What is IoT ?

What is IoT ?

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be our future, but, with its many unknowns, and can be a complex place to imagine.
Final user, enterprise, governments and organization will have to make many decisions about how and when to join the connectivity stream that will address people, object of standard life, places, transport, and everything, every day.

IoT exist, under different names, since the concept of machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity was put in place a long time ago (25 years), like the cloud nothing really new here, just an overall optimization encompassed by technology evolution.
But did our actual world is ready for this tremendous future market?
I will say not really yet, security, low costs, explosion of IP addresses will put the business to the edge of a new level of complexity.

With an expected market of $1.46 trillion international market by 2020, the IoT platform and (IA) is one of the new technological trend, and already in the landscape.
Several companies are offering some services, software, and hardware necessary to take companies into IoT functionality.

The field is already robust the IoT stack is now a distinct creation of hardware, network, and software that brings the power and data of the Internet into working.

And who will be the players ?

1 Amazon Web Services
AWS launched its Internet of Things platform, which uses tools like Kinesis (a real-time streaming service), S3 (the Simple Storage Service), and DynamoDB (the massively-scalable NoSQL database).

2 Bosch
Bosch says its range of products will be connected to the IoT to ease maintenance and monitoring of devices, making it one of the key enablers of IoT. Plus, the company has built an IoT cloud to process all that data.

3 Cisco
Cisco predicts that by 2020, there could be 50 billion devices connected to what it calls the Internet of Everything. Cisco has carved out a range of IoT services, to computing services (which bring data collection, storage and analysis to the network edge), to data analytics, security, management and automation.

4 Dell
A hardware manufacturer, Dell is preparing its infrastructure components for a world of IoT. It’s offering endpoint connectivity for devices plus back-end storage and analytics platforms to manage IoT data. In 2014 Dell opened its IoT Lab in Silicon Valley in partnership with Intel.

5 Hitachi Data Systems

HDS, has two important components to take on the IoT market. The company is partnering with Intel to ensure its machine and industrial equipment are connected. On the HDS side, the company is rolling out new cloud-based platforms to collect and analyze IoT data. It’s hoping this combination of industrial hands-on equipment and back-end technical services will make it an IoT powerhouse.

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Some examples of  IoT products:

Amazon echo

August Smart Lock

Sensi Comfort

Some projects:







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