francois encrenaz Francois Encrenaz

Back to the futur, what is High Availabilty or what is resilience (in IT)?

Starting an article based on so old concept of technology can be a simple task, but i just realize how much the new IT...

What is Oracle Data Vault ?

What Is Oracle Database Vault?   The Oracle Database Vault security controls protect application data from unauthorized access, and helps you to comply with...
Exadata Cloud@Customer

Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer Network Architecture.

Dear friends, To be sure that we are discussing about the same concept and network definition you will find below some very valuable information...
data masking

Are you a data masker ?

How does your production data can be protected for test, dev, security and or training ? This question permit me to introduce the Data...

Using Inspec (Chef) to Validate Infrastructure

  InSpec is an open-source testing framework by Chef that enables you to specify compliance, security, and other policy requirements. Built on the Ruby...

Migrating to the Cloud – Have you a X-Re Migration Strategy ?

You will find some good information about migration to the especially about 6R’s and Stephen Orban very good AWS article https://d1.awsstatic.com/Migration/migrating-to-aws-ebook.6f16dabc1b65467039fb565f3af32ea0d091325f.pdf In the second...

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What is Openstack ?

OpenStack is a large Cloud ecosystem that permit controls pools of storage, compute, and networking resources throughout a data-center. This is managed with a...

What is IoT ?

What is IoT ? The Internet of Things (IoT) will be our future, but, with its many unknowns, and can be a complex place...

What is Linux?

Linux is the most-used open source operating system. Linux is an operating system software that sits underneath all of the other software on a computer, receiving...